RHO is an online information resource for health program managers and decision-makers working in developing countries and low-resource settings. We are pleased to offer you some of the best cervical cancer information available worldwide.

RHO Cervical Cancer spotlight

Evidence of Support for Improved Cervical Cancer Prevention in Developing Countries
This dossier includes statements of support for improved cancer control from governments, organizations, and individuals in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and other global regions.

Cervical Cancer Prevention Initiatives at PATH
Two decades of progress toward a world free of HPV-related cancers

PATH’s key areas of work in cervical cancer prevention are described in depth in this 12-page publication.

Cervical cancer, human papillomavirus (HPV), and HPV vaccines: Key points for policy-makers and health professionals
This booklet summarizes and updates two major World Health Organization documents.

Outlook. Preventing cervical cancer: Unprecedented opportunities for improving women's health
This issue of Outlook provides the latest evidence-based information about cervical cancer prevention.

PATH cervical cancer prevention small grants program
PATH is sponsoring a small grants program to broaden the evidence base for decision-making about cervical cancer prevention in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

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