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RHO archives : Topics : Safe Motherhood


Active Management of Third-Stage Labor
These 13 slides present active management of the third stage of labor. The presentation also compares active and physiologic management and the advantages and disadvantages of active management to reduce deaths from postpartum hemorrhage.

Advancing Commitments: Sexual and Reproductive Health Presentation Tools
This is a set of multi-media tools for use in developing and giving presentations on a range of sexual and reproductive health and rights topics. One set of slides focuses on safe motherhood. In addition to the slides, the package includes a users manual and relevant fact sheets. The information (in English and Spanish) is available on CD-ROM (PowerPoint and pdf files) or hard copy (transparencies, printed materials). The materials can be ordered from the Family Care International website.

Current Approach to Reduction of Maternal Mortality
This slide presentation covers the magnitude of maternal and neonatal mortality, causes of maternal mortality, and interventions to reduce maternal mortality. It is available as a PowerPoint presentation or in printable format with trainer notes.

Nutrition and Micronutrients in Pregnancy Presentation Graphics
This series of Powerpoint slides (or printable graphics) summarizes evidence that deficiencies in certain nutrients can cause adverse pregnancy outcomes for the mother and newborn. Nutrients covered include folate, iron, iodine, and vitamin A.

Population Reference Bureau Graphics Bank: Maternal Health
The Graphics Bank contains more than 100 PowerPoint presentations on health topics for speakers, trainers, and others presenting information on population and health topics. The Maternal Health section includes 8 presentations: Age at Marriage, Sub-Saharan African Countries; Birth Spacing, Less Developed Countries; Births and Assisted Deliveries Worldwide; Causes of Maternal Mortality; Lifetime Risks to Mothers; Map of Maternal Mortality Worldwide; Maternal Mortality, by Region; and Skilled Care at Delivery and Maternal Deaths.

Postabortion Care Services
This slide presentation includes information about postabortion care services, including the scope of the problem, elements of postabortion care, the need for postabortion family planning services, and comparisons of manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) and dilation and curettage (D&C).