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Updated August 23, 2004

Kaiser Family Foundation
Daily Reproductive Health Report
News and opinion from U.S. and international newspapers on public health and education, abortion-related news, and legal cases. Archives may be searched with keywords.

National Women's Health Information Center
Health News and Current Events
Daily news stories from Reuters that focus on women's health.

Planet Wire Online Newsroom
Planet Wire is a comprehensive online information source for international family planning, population, safe motherhood, reproductive health, and environmental issues. Designed for reporters, the site offers current information about these issues and includes audio and visual materials, experts and sources, facts and figures, links, and the latest news and information.

Pop Reporter
Publisher: Population Information Program (PIP) at the Center for Communication Programs (CCP) of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health.
Content: Electronic magazine with links to key news stories, reports, and related developments around the globe. Weekly. Full text online and available by email subscription.

Reuters Health
A consumer-oriented medical news service. Includes research reports on treatment advances and disease management, as well as reports on health maintenance. Selected text available in Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

UN Wire
UN Wire is a free service sponsored by the United Nations Foundation and its sister organization, the Better World Fund. It provides a concise, daily summary of key news stories on health and population issues from around the world. The summaries are archived and can be searched by keywords.

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