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Major Reproductive Health Resources

Updated August 23, 2004

Development Gateway: Data and Statistics
The Development Gateway's Data and Statistics page provides easy access to many statistical databases, including UN Statistics and Population Division, the Bureau of the Census, DHS,  FAO, UNICEF, and other UN agencies.

Development Gateway: Population and Reproductive Health
The Development Gateway's Population & Reproductive Health (POP/RH) Portal is an interactive website for information and knowledge sharing on population issues. The portal provides a community-built database of shared data, research, publications, projects, ideas and dialogue. Notable features include a news service; an events calendar; population/reproductive health and development project information from donor agencies such as USAID, UNFPA, the World Bank and DFID. Visitors to the website are able to sign up for free membership, which entitles them to receive regular updates on new resources that are added. The Portal is managed by UNFPA.

The Drum Beat
The email and web network from THE COMMUNICATION INITIATIVE partnership—tThe Rockefeller Foundation, UNICEF, USAID [HIV/AIDS, CHANGE], WHO, BBC, World Service, CIDA, Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs, the European Union, Soul City, the Panos Institute, and UNAIDS—provides information, ideas, linkages and dialogue on communication, development, and change.

E-Library is an online service from the Population Reference Bureau that enables users to request and obtain publications and website material by e-mail. E-Library is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as part of an initiative to heighten awareness and use of population and health information. The service is also available in French ( and Spanish (

Global Reproductive Health Forum The Global Reproductive Health Forum @ Harvard (GRHF) is an internet networking project that provides interactive electronic forums and global discussions, and distributes reproductive health and rights materials from a variety of perspectives through its clearinghouse. The project also maintains an extensive, up-to-date research library. This gateway site provides an extensive collection of links to organizations and information as well as many interactive opportunities. Available in English and Spanish.

HealthNet is SatelLife's computer-based telecommunications system that links health care workers around the world. HealthNet provides access to the latest medical information, email connectivity, electronic conferencing, and other services tailored to meet the current demands of its users. Includes a directory of members.

Listservs Relevant to Health, Population, Nutrition
An annotated collection of listservs with instructions for subscribing.

Manager's Electronic Resource Center
This website offers a wide range of resources including The Provider's Guide to Quality & Culture, The Health Manager's Toolkit, The Guide to Managing for Quality, the International Drug Price Indicator Guide, and The Manager Online. The site also includes extensive information about ten management topics. Available in English, French, and Spanish.

Media/Materials Clearinghouse
Produced by the Johns Hopkins Population Information Program, the Media/Materials Clearinghouse (M/MC) is an international resource for health professionals who seek samples of pamphlets, posters, videos, and many other media/materials designed to promote public health. The M/MC is the largest collection of health communication materials in the world, and each of the databases contains a search engine.

Ob/ is a commercially sponsored site that provides information on obstetrics and gynecology to professionals and the industry. The site includes a search engine, links to related sites, and features information on breast care, nursing, chronic pelvic pain, osteoporosis, endometriosis, physicians-in-training, fetal monitoring, pregnancy and birth, hysterectomy and alternatives, technology, infertility, ultrasound, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, urogynecology, menopause and perimenopause,and young woman. It has international sections in Spanish and Portuguese (Latina), Dutch and German (Europe), and some country-specific information.

The Planet public education campaign is the work of several organizations, including CARE, the National Audubon Society, Save the Children, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Population Action International, Communications Consortium Media Center, and DDB Issues & Advocacy. Their website is a rich source of information, discussion, and opportunities for action regarding international family planning. Aimed primarily at U.S. readers, the site provides overviews and discussions of key issues in international family planning, gender issues, environmental issues, and related topics.

Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI)
The PERI website offers resources on a broad range of scientific subjects. The site includes The Cochrane Library, which is offered through a partnership with the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP). As part of the PERI initiative, The Cochrane Libary is available free or at minimal cost to countries in UNDP-defined Low and Middle Human Development groups. The library is published quarterly on CD-ROM and the Internet, and contains full-text reviews, abstracts, registers of controlled trials and of methodology, economic evaluations, and technology assessments.

Reproductive Health Gateway
The USAID Population and Health Materials Working Group (PHMWG) has developed the Reproductive Health Gateway, a powerful one-stop search site that searches through nearly 60 websites selected for information on reproductive health. Search results are hot-linked to the specific pages containing your search terms. The site allows searches in Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Presentation Graphics and Reference Material
ReproLine is free source of up-to-date information on selected reproductive health topics, including family planning. It is designed for policy makers with technical or clinical background involved in setting policy for service delivery. ReproLine is managed by JHPIEGO, and is available in English, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

RHI Database for Reproductive Health Materials
This database gives you direct access to selected EC/UNFPA-funded IEC-materials produced in the more than 40 projects of the EC/UNFPA Initiative for Reproductive Health in Asia (RHI) (

Scientists for Health and Research for Development (SHARED)
A very useful tool for all scientists and organizations interested incooperation and networking. The SHARED database offers structured information on approximately 2,500 reproductive health projects in over 160 countries. It also provides information on initiatives related to international health issues with focus on socioeconomic development. The information is customized to allow quick overviews for scientists, health workers, and policy makers. SHARED also offers general information on health related issues and links to other health-concerned bodies or other coordinating activities. The site is managed by GTZ. Available in English, French, and Portuguese.

United Nations Population Information Network (POPIN)
POPIN is a decentralized community of population institutions organized into regional and national networks in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, and Northern America. The site contains extensive information and links on world population trends, regional population information and networking, and the ICPD+5. The POPIN electronic library includes a worldwide directory of population institutions and a multilingual dictionary of demographic and reproductive heath terminology.

The WHO Reproductive Health Library (RHL)
Providing information on evidence-based reproductive health care through systematic reviews.
The RHL is based on a reproductive health subset of The Cochrane Library. The focus is on evidence-based solutions to reproductive health problems in developing countries. Cochrane reviews concerning reproductive health interventions are included together with peer-reviewed commentaries from experts in developing countries. The commentaries discuss the relevance and feasibility of implementing those interventions in low-resource settings, and include a section on practical aspects of using these interventions. The library is available on CD-ROM from the WHO/HRP program to health workers in developing countries on a free-subscription basis. RHL is currently published in English and Spanish. To order the current issue of RHL and subscribe, send an email with your mailing address to [email protected]

World Resources Institute (WRI) Project Clearinghouse
The Clearinghouse provides information about a broad range of projects in developing countries. It is designed to provide a means of helping such projects find partners, financial resources, technology advice and help, and media coverage; promote sharing experience and new ideas; and stimulate innovation and investment in digital dividend approaches. Registration is free.

Worldwide Directory of Population Institutions
Contact Information Database
This database is managed by United Nations Population Information Network (POPIN). It is searchable by organization name, region, or organization type and includes detailed instructions for downloading mailing lists. Contact information for developing country organizations including email and website URLs is available.

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