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RHO archives : Topics : Refugee Reproductive Health

Additional Program Examples Available Online

Guinea: Increasing knowledge of reproductive health as part of a literacy training program by developing a literacy curriculum focusing on safe motherhood, family planning, STIs, HIV/AIDs, and gender-based violence. Available online at

Guinea: Educating adolescent refugees about reproductive health in formal classes for younger children, quarterly health talks for older children, and voluntary after-school health clubs. Available online at

Guinea: Assessing need for services addressing gender-based violence in refugee camps and designing and implementing a program to meet those needs. Available online at

Liberia: Adopting a multi-sectoral approach and building on community participation to respond to and prevent sexual and gender-based violence. Available online at

Sierra Leone: Assessing knowledge, attitudes, and practices relevant to HIV/AIDS among high-risk populations, including returning refugees and ex-combatants, in order to design, clarify, and prioritize AIDS prevention interventions. Available online at:

Tanzania: Conducting a systematic review of antenatal care, clinic-based obstetric care, referral-level hospitals, and a traditional birth attendant program in order to strengthen safe motherhood services in refugee camps. Available online at