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Refugee Reproductive Health

"While food, water and shelter remain a priority, reproductive health care is among the crucial elements that give refugees basic human welfare and dignity that is their right."—United Nations High Commission for Refugees

“In all war-torn countries, the participation of civil society is essential in restoring social services. Education and healthcare, including reproductive health care, cannot be restored in a war-shattered country without a great deal of hard work, investment and partnership.” —Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, Executive Director, United Nations Population Fund, speaking at the 55th annual conference of non-governmental organizations: Rebuilding societies emerging from conflict: a shared responsibility, 10 September 2002.

With the recognition that war-affected populations face special risks—of infectious disease, lack of access to preventative and curative health care, and sexual violence—has come a movement to provide reproductive health services to displaced populations.

Use this section to learn how physical and social conditions affect the health of refugees and internally displaced populations, how basic reproductive health services can reduce mortality and morbidity during emergencies, and how comprehensive reproductive health services can meet the needs of refugees living in stable situations.