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Men and Reproductive Health

"The objective is to promote gender equality in all spheres of lifeand to encourage and enable men to take responsibility for their sexual and reproductive behaviour and their social and family roles."—Conference on Population and Development, Cairo, 1994.

In recent years, many family planning and other reproductive health programs have become interested in the topic of men and reproductive health (which is sometimes called "male involvement" or "men as partners").

These programs recognize that men have an important influence on women's and children's health and also have distinct reproductive health needs of their own. In many cultures, men also may serve as gatekeepers to women's access to reproductive health services. Research and program experience are demonstrating that many men care about and are willing to make positive contributions to

the reproductive health of their partners and well-being of their families. Despite the surge of interest in this area, there is a lack of consensus about what it means to involve men in reproductive health programs and uncertainty about how such involvement will affect women's health and status.

Use this site to view information about the evolution of thinking regarding men and reproductive health, summaries of research on various ways that men can have a positive influence on women's health, information about men's reproductive health concerns, links to related sites, and examples of various approaches that are being used to include men in the quest for improved reproductive health.

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