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Table 1. Reproductive Health Activities Benefiting From ICTs

ICT Applications
  • Literature databases
  • Libraries
  • Online collections of PDF documents available to email
  • Electronic discussion groups
  • Conference announcements and proceedings
  • Professional websites
  • Email discussion lists
  • Online newsletters
  • Websites
  • Saathii (
  • Microbicides (
  • Angel Coalition (
Health worker education and training
  • PowerPoint curricula
  • Blended web and other technologies
  • Learning centers
  • CD-ROMs
  • Emailed newsletters, updates
  • Video conferencing
Reaching youth
  • Blended combinations of radio, video, websites
  • Telephone hotline
Improving health systems
  • Handheld computers for rural health workers to collect data
"What's new"
  • Emailed updates on sexual and reproductive health

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