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A Cry Strangled, under Audio/Visual Resources: Foeticide
This 20-minute video is produced in English by PTI-TV and focuses on amniocentesis centers in Bombay.

Ajata (A Woman Who Will Never Be Born), under Audio/Visual Resources: Foeticide
This 35-minute video is produced in Hindi by IDC/ IIT Bombay. It is a documentary about the ban in India of prenatal sex-determination tests, including multiple points of view.

Female Genital Cutting Statistics Graphics_Bank/Reproductive_Health2/Reproductive_Health.htm
The Population Reference Bureau offers PowerPoint graphics on female genital cutting by age, level of education, and residence.

Female Genital Mutilation Overview
(PATH 1997)
A detailed overview of the practice, including types of FGM practicing groups, reasons for FGM, physical and psychological health effects, and trends in FGM. This PowerPoint presentation contains 14 slides. CAUTION: There are image files totaling 700K on this page. Download may be slow on some internet connections.

FGM Network: Films and Videos
An annotated list of more than 20 FGM films and videos, complete with ordering information is available online at at Resources on male circumcision are available at

Gender Preferences in Children
This presentation by Measure DHS+ reports on results of research into gender preferences in children in India and other countries. It discusses types of gender preference, geographic patterns, demographic impact, and differential treatment of sons and daughters.

The Road to Change
(WHO 2002)
A dramatic film about the practice of female genital mutilation—and what can be done to stop it. 45 minutes. Available in English and French. Order no. 1650103. (For more information, visit