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AIDS Epidemic Update: December 2003
UNAIDS has summarized its latest AIDS Epidemic Update in the form of 11 PowerPoint format slides, available in English, French, Russian and Spanish. The slides present a summary of global HIV/AIDS statistics, a regional summary, the number of people living with HIV/AIDS at the end of 2003, the number of people newly infected with the virus in 2003, the number of deaths from AIDS in 2003, and the number of new infections per day, among other topics.

Controlling HIV/AIDS Transmission: Estimating Realistic Condom Requirements
Latex Condoms: Effectiveness Against HIV Transmission
Managed by John Snow, Inc., and funded by USAID, the DELIVER program's website offers two useful presentations about condoms. The first, which contains 25 slides, is a basic presentation about HIV, how it is transmitted, and how condoms work to prevent transmission of the virus. The second presentation, consisting of 24 slides, is a more technical explanation of how STI/HIV-prevention programs can plan for condom procurement and distribution, while distinguishing between condom requirements for family planning and STI/HIV-prevention programs. Both presentations can be viewed online or downloaded as PowerPoint files (in English only).

Population Reference Bureau Graphics Bank The Graphics Bank of the Population Reference Bureau currently offers users more than 20 PowerPoint presentations on HIV/AIDS, as well as many additional presentations on other health and population-related topics. The files, which users can download from the site, contain graphics for speakers, trainers, and others presenting information on population and health topics. Topics range from the HIV/AIDS demographics of each of the world’s regions, to information on AIDS orphans, to the effect of AIDS on life expectancy and population structure, and more. Users must have PowerPoint software to be able to view and use the presentations.

Reproductive Health for Young Adults
Family Health International offers an online training module in four sections: Reproductive Health Issues of Young Adults; How to Reach Young Adults; Contraceptive Options for Young Adults; and STD Prevention and Treatment: Young Adult Priority. The module is designed to increase the awareness and understanding about the reproductive health needs of young adults among policy makers, program directors, program planners, and health care providers, and enable these audiences to provide more adequate health services to youth. Eighty-three slides with accompanying narratives are also available for online viewing (English only).

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