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How to Use the Community Forums

RHO Community Forum message boards are designed to allow RHO users to easily communicate with one another and to read conversations (message threads) submitted (posted) by other users. 

Many types of messages are appropriate for posting:

  • Questions and requests for assistance
  • Announcements of research findings, conferences, or documents
  • Replies to questions or comments from other users

NOTE: RHO message boards are not available for commercial advertising.  Any messages advertising services or products for sale will be deleted by the RHO webmaster and the author will lose the right to post messages in future.

The Community Forum message boards are easy to use, but it helps to understand the structure. There are separate Community Forum message boards for each of the RHO topic areas (such as Cervical Cancer, Family Planning, and Infertility). You can read and post messages or search for messages in only one Community Forum Topic Area at a time.

Subscribing to Email versions of Community Forum messages:  If you would like to receive email versions of all messages posted to any of the Topic Areas, you can subscribe to that Topic Area by typing your email address in the form at the bottom of the Topic Area Message Index page. You can also cancel your subscription from the same form.

To submit your own message: After going into a Community Forum Topic Area (Message Index), click on the "Post a New Message" link at the top of the page. This will take you to the Post a New Message form lower down the same page. Fill in all the fields (Your Name, Your E-Mail Address, and Subject, then type in your message (or copy it from a word processor and paste it into the message area). If you want to include a link to a web page in the body of your message, enter the URL (web address) and a name for the web link into the forms below the message area. Then either preview your message before sending it or post the message to the Community Forum area. Your message should appear in the Community Forum immediately.

Hint for composing Subject lines:  The Subject line is one of the most important parts of your Community Forum message since it is all that readers will see until they choose to read the full message. Compose your Subject line carefully. Try to choose words that most clearly define your message and which will attract the kinds of readers you want. For example, if you are seeking advice about whether or not to recommend breastfeeding to an HIV+ mother who does not have access to clean water, don't simply type "Help!" in the Subject line.  A better subject line would be "Need Advice on Breastfeeding by HIV+ Mother". 

To delete a message you have submitted : Once you have submitted a message to a Community Forum, you cannot delete it yourself. If you would like to have a message deleted, contact the webmaster at [email protected].

To search for messages: Click on the Search/Personalize Disply link at the top of the Topic Area Message Index. You can search by keywords, by author, or by date.                             

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If the RHO server is very busy, if the internet is overloaded, or if your telephone connection is bad, you may not be able to reach the RHO site. In this case, please inform the webmaster about the problem, including when the problem occured and where you are located.    

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