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RHO archives : Topics : Gender and Sexual Health

Additional Program Examples Available Online

Armenia: Adding counseling, screening, and outreach for violence against women to women’s health services. Available at:

Bangladesh: Training traditional birth attendants, female fieldworkers, traditional healers, pharmacists, and village doctors to educate clients about sexual problems. Available at:

Bolivia: Case studies of two women-centered health programs, La Casa de la Mujer and Kumar Warmi, which work to empower women and improve their quality of life. Available in English at: and in Spanish at:

Bolivia: A regional program guided by PAHO works at the community, institutional, and policymaking levels to craft an intersectoral response to the problem of violence against women. Available at:

Central America: Ipas workshops on reproductive rights to encourage health professionals, journalists, government officials, lawyers, religious leaders, and women’s groups to work together. Available in English at:, in Spanish at:, and in Portuguese at:

Czech Republic: The Bliss Without Risk health clinic serving sex workers in Prague. Available at:

India: Empowering women by involving them in Women's Health Committees at the village level. Available at:

India: Providing services to the victims of domestic abuse at the Swayam Support Centre in Calcutta. Available at:

Kenya: The Coalition on Violence Against Women (COVAW) works to improve counseling, raise public awareness, and advocate for legislative and policy changes. Available at:

Malaysia: A one-stop crisis center based at a Kuala Lumpur hospital assists survivors of domestic violence assistance with all their medical, legal, and other needs. Available at:

Nicaragua: Using a voucher program to bring sexual health care to sex workers and their clients. Available at:

Nicaragua: A mass media campaign against domestic violence that was directed to men. Available at:

Pakistan: Promoting the sexual health of low-income women in the Karachi Reproductive Health Project (KRHP). Available at:

Philippines: Providing gender-sensitive family planning services. Available online at:

South Africa: Mainstreaming gender throughout the health system by sensitizing and training providers, managers, and staff at every level. Available at:

Thailand: A pilot program at Planned Parenthood of Thailand raises public awareness and empowers the community to fight violence against women. Available at:

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