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Additional Program Examples Available Online

El Salvador: Training health promoters and traditional birth attendants in rural areas. Available online at

Egypt: Integrating reproductive health into primary care centers in Giza and improving the quality of services. Available online at

Ghana: Training family planning providers to offer STI prevention and control and postabortion care. Available online at

Ghana: Applying the performance improvement approach to address poor infection-prevention practices in Ministry of Health facilities. Available online at

Jamaica: Developing and disseminating up-to-date guidelines on family planning and other reproductive health services by the National Family Planning Board. Available online at

Jordan: Increasing the effectiveness and quality of integrated, client-centered family health services at a model health center operated by the Ministry of Health. Available online at

Kenya: Encouraging a for-profit health care business to offer family planning services and to enter a lower income market. Available online at

Kenya: Supplementing an IEC campaign for young people and their parents with advocacy activities for policy makers and leaders. Available online at

Kenya: A performance analysis of reproductive health supervisors at the Ministry of Health and the development of a supervision learning package. Available online at

Kenya: Applying the COPE (client-oriented, provider efficient) self-assessment methodology to improve the quality of care at the Family Planning Association of Kenya. Available online in English at

Malawi: Using team-based problem-solving to assess and improve the quality of family planning services at six public-sector hospitals and health centers. Available online at

Nepal: Supporting comprehensive quality improvement at family planning service sites with a Quality of Care Management Center. Available online at

Peru: Expanding beyond family planning to integrated reproductive health services and women's empowerment activities at ReproSalud as part of the Manuela Ramos Movement. Available online in English at and in Spanish at

Turkey: Increasing contraceptive availability and promoting cost recovery via social marketing activities and policy interventions. Available online at

Uganda: Increasing the supply of good-quality reproductive health services by providing revolving loans and business skills training to midwives and other small-scale private providers. Available online at

Zimbabwe: Developing a structured, on-the-job training package to improve the performance of family planning service providers at the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council. Available online at

Zimbabwe and Kenya: Using structured on-the-job training to improve the performance of IUD service providers. Available online at