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Advancing Commitments: Sexual and Reproductive Health Presentation Tools
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Developed by Family Care International, these PowerPoint slide presentations and accompanying resource materials are designed for advocacy on a wide range of sexual and reproductive health issues, including unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion, fertility and population growth, violence against women, safe motherhood, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, and STIs/HIV/AIDS. They can be used with a range of audiences, including policy makers, the media, community leaders and program managers. The Presentation Tools are available on CD-ROM or as hard copies, in English and Spanish. The Spanish version includes additional slides that present issues and facts specific to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Contraceptive Security
In this PowerPoint presentation, Alan Bornbusch of USAID outlines the challenges presented by rising demand for family planning and the donor funding gap. After reviewing USAID activities and tools addressing the problem of contraceptive security, he presents success stories from Bangladesh, Mexico, and Ghana.

Leadership in Logistics: A Slide Show for Family Planning Policymakers
This 20-minute slide presentation can be viewed at the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or downloaded as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation along with a presenter's script. It explains the importance of contraceptive logistics, looks at what can go wrong, presents case studies of two programs that solved their logistics problems, and summarizes the keys to success.

MAQ Exchange Curriculum
A product of the MAQ Initiative, this series of 25 PowerPoint presentations is designed to share new information, data, and lessons learned on improving access and quality in reproductive health services. They are designed for use in strategy development workshops by existing programs. Each module includes a set of speaker notes as well as slides in PowerPoint and PDF files. Topics covered include:

  • barriers to access and quality
  • service delivery guidelines
  • nfection prevention
  • performance improvement
  • logistics and supply management
  • supervision
  • transfer of learning

Presentation Graphics for Training Courses
This section of ReproLine contains dozens of presentations designed for use during training courses and lectures. Viewers can browse thumbnail versions of the graphics, view an index of graphic titles, or download the Microsoft PowerPoint files. Of special interest are presentations on:

  • family planning counseling
  • family planning in reproductive health
  • maximizing access and quality
  • infection prevention
  • STIs and family planning

The Side Effects of Contraceptives
This series of 29 slides was presented at the XI International Meeting Society for the Advancement of Reproductive Care in 2001. The presentation discusses the differences between side effects and complications, and the impact of side effects on use and continuation of contraceptive methods. Practical advice is offered on how providers can address side effects while counseling family planning clients, both before new clients start a method and after continuing clients experience side effects. The slides, which can be viewed online or downloaded as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, were created by Elisa Wells, Kristina Gryboski, and Elaine Murphy.