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Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention (ACCP) Presentation Materials
The ACCP has developed a set of presentation materials for advocacy purposes that can be adapted to meet users' needs. Presentation topics include screening methods, such as Pap smear, VIA, and VILI; research methods; answering women's frequently asked questions; and meeting women's needs. Materials are available in English, Spanish, and French and can be downloaded as PowerPoint or PDF files.

Planning Appropriate Cervical Cancer Control Programs (PATH 1997)
 [View a PDF of the full planning document. PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.]
An overview of the issues  involved in program planning. This PowerPoint presentation contains 15 slides. [Note: There are image files totaling 149K on this page.� Download may be slow on some Internet connections.]

Cervical Cancer Screening Presentation Graphics
 ReproLine offers cervical cancer presentation graphics—including a slide show, full-size transparencies, and a  PowerPoint 95 presentation—that can be used during training courses and lectures. ReproLine also offers a range of other cervical cancer resources at