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Table 5. Skills for Adolescent Health and Development Concerns

Life Skill

Components (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)


1. Learning basic steps of decision-making
2. Making difficult decisions
3. Making decisions about important life plans

Creative thinking

1. Developing ability to think in creative ways
2. Generating new ideas
3. Adapting to changing circumstances

Effective communication

1. Basic verbal and nonverbal communication skills
2. Assertive communication in the face of peer pressure
3. Using assertiveness to resist pressure to engage in risky behaviors


1. Learning about self-esteem
2. Self-control
3. Understanding one's rights and responsibilities

Coping with emotions

1. Recognizing the expression of different emotions
2. Understanding how emotions affect behavior
3. Coping with emotional distress

Problem solving

1. Learning basic problem-solving steps
2. Generating solutions to difficult problems
3. Resolving conflicts

Critical thinking

1. Learning the basic processes of critical thinking
2. Making objective judgments about choices and risks
3. Resisting influences (such as media or peer pressure) on attitude toward unhealthy behaviors

Interpersonal relationship skills

1. Learning to value relationships with friends and families
2. Forming new relationships; surviving loss of friendships
3. Seeking support and advice in times of need


1. Understanding people's similarities and differences, and learning to appreciate their differences
2. Avoiding prejudices and discrimination against people who differ
3. Caring for people in adverse situations

Coping with stress

1. Identifying sources of stress
2. Understanding methods for coping with stressful situations
3. Coping with adverse situations

Adapted from WHO/UNFPA/UNICEF 1999.

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