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Population Reference Bureau Graphics Bank
The Graphics Bank contains more than 25 PowerPoint presentations related to youth, including demographic information on topics such as HIV/AIDS-prevention awareness, teenage pregnancy, and unintended births. These files are part of a collection of PowerPoint graphics for speakers, trainers, and others presenting information on population and health topics. Slides can be tailored by combining them or editing them for different purposes. Many slides also have talking points. You can view or print the PowerPoint files or print the graphics on transparency sheets for use with an overhead projector.

The Reproductive Health of Young Adults Training Presentation
This module from the Contraceptive Technology Update Series is now online as part of Family Health International's website. It has four sections covering reproductive health issues affecting young adults. Section 1 contains background information, including reproductive health risks and consequences. Section 2 discusses what information and services are needed by young adults. Section 3 provides clinical information on contraceptive options for young adults. Section 4 addresses STI prevention and treatment issues for young adults. The main components of this Web version are slides and narrative, summary fact sheet, note-taking pages, and a questionnaire that can be completed after going through the presentation.