Cervical cancer library

Educational materials


Western Kenya Cervical Cancer Prevention Project Final Report (2004)
This 35-page report is from a collaborative project with PATH, the Kenya Ministry of Health, Mandeleo ya Wanawake Organization, and the Kenya Cancer Society to develop and evaluate a model cervical cancer prevention program suitable for rural, low-resource settings in Africa. Appendices are available by contacting [email protected].


Prevent Cervical Cancer Today (2008)
Cervical Cancer Prevention Network Program
Developed primarily for Filipino women, this 16-page pamphlet explains cervical cancer risk factors and prevention measures.


Community sensitization and mobilization
This section of the Cervical Cancer Prevention Action Planner provides guidance for developing messages and materials for successful community outreach in HPV vaccination programs.

HPV Vaccination Community Education Materials (2008)
PATH/Ministries of health
This collection includes HPV vaccine community education materials such as leaflets, posters, and fact sheets.

Examples of Key Messages for Different Audiences in PATH Country HPV Vaccination Projects (2008)
This document includes key messages and types of materials for specific audiences from some of the PATH HPV vaccine project countries

Latin America

How Can We Prevent Cervical Cancer? A Guide for Community Facilitators (2002)
PATH, PAHO, and the Peru Ministry of Health
This guide was developed for use by community promotion teams as part of the TATI (acronym for the Spanish term, tamizaje y tratamiento inmediato) cervical cancer prevention program in San Martín, Peru. The core messages and teaching strategies are relevant in a variety of settings.

United States and Europe

Cervical cancer
European Cervical Cancer Association
This website section offers information about HPV, cervical cancer screening, and the HPV vaccine.

Cervical cancer page
Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic cervical cancer page offers a patient-focused overview of cervical cancer prevention, symptoms, screening, and treatment. The site is intended for a US audience, but the information could be adapted for use in other settings.

Cervical cancer and HPV resources
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The CDC cervical cancer web page contains extensive information for patients, including reducing the risk for cervical cancer, cervical cancer screening, and gynecologic cancer awareness. The HPV vaccine page offers overviews of HPV, cervical cancer, and the vaccine, as well as recommendations for the use of quadrivalent HPV vaccine and information about the Vaccines for Children program.

Cervical cancer overview
American Society of Clinical Oncology
This section of the American Society of Clinical Oncology's website provides detailed information about cervical cancer, prevention, and treatment.

Cervical Cancer: Prevention and Early Detection page
American Cancer Society
This page provides complete information about cervical cancer screening, treatment, risk factors, and prevention.

HPV and Cervical Cancer
National Cervical Cancer Coalition
The National Cervical Cancer Coalition's mission is to help women, family members and caregivers battle the personal issues related to cervical cancer and HPV and to advocate for cervical health in all women by promoting prevention through education about early vaccination, Pap testing and HPV testing when recommended. This section of the coalition's website provides basic information about cervical cancer and HPV as well as screening and prevention.

Managing HPV: Health Care Team Tool Kit
Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
This is a reference guide for clinicians that offers comprehensive information, counseling notes, resources for patients, and resources for additional information.

Should You Get the HPV Vaccine?
Dr. Mike Evans and Campaign to Control Cancer
This nine-minute animated video explains cervical cancer and what the HPV vaccine can do to prevent infection and disease.