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Welcome! Please play the video for a quick tour of the Cervical Cancer Prevention Action Planner.

The Action Planner was designed to help busy health program decision-makers, planners and managers—especially those based in Africa, Asia and Latin America—to think through issues related to cervical cancer programming. It also provides many free resources to help with program planning.

The Planner has three modules, and each is useful for a different purpose:


The Learn module covers the basics about cervical cancer and how it can be prevented.
  • You may choose from a list of topics, read the summaries, and access many resources for additional information.
  • If you prefer multimedia, short videos provide a quick overview of key areas, a BBC World documentary, an animation of HPV infection, and others.
  • The impact modeling exercise provides computer estimates of how different prevention strategies, alone or together, can affect cervical cancer rates.


The heart of this tool is the Action Planner itself. The module guides you through an information-gathering process, asking which factors you would like to consider related to cervical cancer prevention. The personalized report you produce includes a checklist of planning steps as well as numerous free resources. You also may consult the Action Planner team.


The vast library on the RHO Cervical Cancer website is included on the CD versions of the Action Planner. Online users can link with the live RHO website.

We want to hear from you! If you have questions or comments about the Action Planner, please email [email protected].



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