Evidence of Support for Improved Cervical Cancer Prevention in Developing Countries

Cervical cancer is a huge problem worldwide, with about 270,000 deaths every year. Most of those deaths occur in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The letters, video messages, editorials, and declarations in this dossier express support for improved cervical cancer prevention—screening and vaccination—for women throughout the developing world.

In addition to the documents, the dossier includes the names of over 1,200 individuals, representing nearly 700 organizations, who signed an online “Global Call to Stop Cervical Cancer” in 2007 and 2008.

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How you can use the dossier

Cervical Cancer Action has found the dossier to be extremely helpful in convincing decision-makers that there is impressive global and regional demand for improved cervical cancer prevention. For example, the dossier was shared with GAVI Alliance board members and with the scientists on the World Health Organization's Strategic Advisory Group of Experts prior to each of those agency's discussions relating to HPV vaccine. You might consider sharing the dossier with your decision-makers as well.

Here are some other things you may like to do:

  • Create your own, national dossier by soliciting support letters and articles. Send your dossier to members of Parliament, women's groups, medical associations, and anyone else who may be able to help move the cervical cancer agenda forward. And please, if you receive new letters, share them with PATH ([email protected]) and we will make sure that they become part of the global dossier as well!
  • Engage local cancer experts to help shape your advocacy messages.
  • Recruit a campaign ambassador to stimulate media and public interest
  • Let us know about your successes and challenges. Your feedback is important for the global advocacy effort.

About the dossier

The electronic dossier was compiled by Cervical Cancer Action, the International Union Against Cancer, and PATH. It may be freely shared for educational and non-commercial purposes.

Cervical Cancer Action is an advocacy coalition with the goal of expediting global availability, affordability and accessibility of new cervical cancer prevention tools; strategic advocacy for expanded political will and financial commitment and civil society mobilization and support. Sign the Global Call to Stop Cervical Cancer at www.cervicalcanceraction.org.

The International Union Against Cancer is the leading international, non-governmental organization dedicated exclusively to the global control of cancer. Its vision is that of a dynamic, global community of connected cancer control organizations, professionals and volunteers working together to eliminate cancer as a major life-threatening disease for future generations. Its mission is to connect, mobilize and support cancer organizations and individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective. UICC also has produced a "special edition" of the dossier of support, focusing on letters from UICC members, and has created French and Spanish versions. For more information, visit www.uicc.org/cervicalcancer.

PATH, a founding member of Cervical Cancer Action, is an international nonprofit organization that creates sustainable, culturally relevant solutions, enabling communities worldwide to break longstanding cycles of poor health. For further information, please visit www.path.org.

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Signatories to the online Global Call to Stop Cervical Cancer
Over 1,200 individuals representing nearly 700 organizations signed this online Call in 2007 and 2008, and more sign up every day. Sign the Global Call at www.CervicalCancerAction.org.

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  922. Mary K. Wambo, YWCA
  923. Mary Onguko, YWCA
  924. Melanie Geutuer, YWCA
  925. Mercy Ownsu-duah, YWCA
  926. Monica Thobias, YWCA
  927. Mrs. Alicia Amutenya, YWCA
  928. Mrs. Dorothy Stephen Massawe, YWCA
  929. Nadine Nsiala, YWCA
  930. Naoime, YWCA
  931. Natallia Aleksandrovich, YWCA
  932. Panita Nafula, YWCA
  933. Pek Ee Siew, YWCA
  934. Rachel Mombo, YWCA
  935. Ratiarisod Peline, YWCA
  936. Rejoice Mataiga, YWCA
  937. Rieko Kamzya, YWCA
  938. Roslyn Dundas, YWCA
  939. Ruchama Koorindyk, YWCA
  940. Sepora Tagaloa, YWCA
  941. Sonya Strunginski, YWCA
  942. Thatayaone Gasebame, YWCA
  943. Valeria Arriaga Mejra, YWCA
  944. Violet Magodo, YWCA
  945. Yuliya Kanavalava, YWCA
  946. Meera Panicker, YWCA Adelaide
  947. YWCA Albania
  948. Biasutti Andrea, YWCA Argentina
  949. Agnes Malaker, YWCA Bangladesh
  950. Dr. Jackie Law, YWCA Board of Directors
  951. Eileen S. Ndlovu, YWCA Botswana
  952. Loatine M. Seboni, YWCA Botswana
  953. Armella Niyontwari, YWCA Burundi
  954. Karis Cesarine, YWCA Cameroon
  955. Paulette Senior, YWCA Canada
  956. Barbara Pratzner, YWCA Columbus
  957. Linda Kanney, YWCA Columbus
  958. Jennifer Mank, YWCA Congo Brazza
  959. Alice Mirimo, YWCA D.R. Congo
  960. Carolina Letona, YWCA El Salvador
  961. Mayerly Rivas, YWCA El Salvador
  962. Mereani Senibici, YWCA Fiji
  963. Paulini Vakacegu, YWCA Fiji
  964. Taoba Rata, YWCA Fiji
  965. Ann Banner, YWCA GBSO
  966. Rebecca Gurney, YWCA Great Lakes Alliance
  967. Carolyn Flowers, YWCA Greensboro
  968. Glynis Alonzo-Beaton, YWCA Guyana
  969. Kuniyo Kawabata, YWCA Japan
  970. Mrs. Mireille Abu Jaber, YWCA Jordan
  971. Anna H. Ginito, YWCA Kenya
  972. Mary K. Wambo, YWCA Kenya
  973. Mrs. Askine Kadison, YWCA Kenya
  974. Peris Wangio, YWCA Kenya
  975. Rosp Konir, YWCA Kenya
  976. Stella M. Mabewe, YWCA Kenya
  977. Mija Kim, YWCA Korea
  978. Songhyun Kim, YWCA Korea
  979. Miss Nagham Massar, YWCA Lebanon
  980. Samira Maasri, YWCA Lebanon
  981. Taha Haddad, YWCA Lebanon
  982. Tlalane Shea, YWCA Lesotho
  983. Clara Dalmeida, YWCA Liberia
  984. Roseline R. Toweh, YWCA Liberia
  985. Wheatonia Barnes, YWCA Liberia
  986. Andrianaivarions Ravdririaina, YWCA Madagascar
  987. Mirina Miharisoa Rasafindrataka, YWCA Madagascar
  988. Chan Yin Yin, YWCA Malyasia
  989. Becky Hines, YWCA McLean County
  990. Leticia Camacho Perez, YWCA Mexico
  991. Pia Lopez Diaz de Leon, YWCA Mexico
  992. Dorj Munkhtsefsy, YWCA Mongolia
  993. Dan Aye Kywe, YWCA Myanmar
  994. Margaret Myinthein, YWCA Myanmar
  995. Ms. Tangeni Nghaamwa, YWCA Namibia
  996. Azike Chioma, YWCA Nigeria
  997. Miss Celine Ebere Osukwu, YWCA Nigeria
  998. Mrs. Adetula M.O., YWCA Nigeria
  999. Mrs. Catherine Okeawa, YWCA Nigeria
  1000. Mrs. Majak HH, YWCA Nigeria
  1001. Stella Azike, YWCA Nigeria
  1002. LoeRose Mbise, YWCA of Tanzania
  1003. Maha Rantisi, YWCA Palestine
  1004. Ms. Lissette Herrera Tsinidad, YWCA Peru
  1005. Silvanna Ayaipoma, YWCA Peru
  1006. Anastasia Kuzina, YWCA Russia
  1007. Epiphanie Muda Wimana, YWCA Rwanda
  1008. Uwineza Hyacinthe, YWCA Rwanda
  1009. Wonhee Lee, YWCA Seoul
  1010. Nancy Anim-Tucker, YWCA Sierra Leone
  1011. Joy Burns, YWCA St. Louis
  1012. Lucy Nadeyo, YWCA Sudan
  1013. Mary Justin, YWCA Sudan
  1014. Annegien Zanen, YWCA the Netherlands
  1015. Fleur Aalbersberg, YWCA the Netherlands
  1016. Geeske Zanen, YWCA the Netherlands
  1017. Marloes Eenkhoorn, YWCA the Netherlands
  1018. Tessa Zanen, YWCA the Netherlands
  1019. Joelle Logue, YWCA Tonawandas
  1020. Sharon Bettinelli, YWCA UC-Berkeley
  1021. Florence Fernandez, YWCA Uruguay
  1022. Sharon Jackson, YWCA USA
  1023. Brenda Mwiinga, YWCA Zambia
  1024. Caroline Kanda, YWCA Zambia
  1025. E. Kajuawu, YWCA Zimbabwe
  1026. Faith Jacqueline Dube, YWCA Zimbabwe
  1027. Maria Mpofu, YWCA Zimbabwe
  1028. Mercy Frazier, YWCA Zimbabwe
  1029. Regina Hama, YWCA Zimbabwe
  1030. Caterina Lemp, YWCA, World
  1031. Jane Bennett, YWCA, World
  1032. Monica Zetzsche, YWCA, World
  1033. Ms. Natalie Fisher, YWCA, World
  1034. Sarah Davies, YWCA, World
  1035. Ms. Michelle Beg, YWCA,World
  1036. Spinikah Nyaboke, YWCA/BCHOS
  1037. Cecilia Ralfe-Stelander, YWCA-YMCA (KFUR-RFUM) Sweden
  1038. Vanessa Marko, YWCA-YMCA (KFUR-RFUM) Sweden
  1039. Veronica Holtsjo, YWCA-YMCA (KFUR-RFUM) Sweden
  1040. Camilla Oulie Mihlelsen, YWCA-YMCA Norway
  1041. Tsvetomira Danova, Zaedno: Communication for Support and Development
  1042. Udie Soko, Zambian Cancer Society
  1043. Dr. Mike Chirenje, Zimbabwe Cervical Cancer Prevention Committee
  1044. Robert Mukondiwa, Zimbabwe Newspapers
  1045. Ischebeeck
  1046. Abimbola Oluwatosin
  1047. Alan Kaye
  1048. Alexandra Coria
  1049. Amber Hansen
  1050. Angelina Wahome
  1051. Anna K. Weiss
  1052. Anna Massey
  1053. Anne Laking
  1054. Aouras Hayette
  1055. Arielle Moinester
  1056. Atul Budukh
  1057. Bayo Sine
  1058. Bayo Sine
  1059. Bruno de Paiva
  1060. Butch McKay
  1061. Caroline Amolo
  1062. Catrin Ashton
  1063. Celia Ballou
  1064. Chi Mgbako
  1065. Christina Smith
  1066. Colleen McIntosh
  1067. Cynthia Hengstenberg
  1068. Cythia Kanini
  1069. David Lindquist
  1070. David M.
  1071. David Obuyah Okado
  1072. Dilshaad Brink
  1073. Donna
  1074. Dr. Joycelyn Assimeng
  1075. Dr. A. J. Reffell
  1076. Dr. Adayeme Folake
  1077. Dr. Anna Mary Nyacasa
  1078. Dr. Christus Obembe
  1079. Dr. Clarence Mini
  1080. Dr. Doris Schmidt
  1081. Dr. Ing Or See
  1082. Dr. Mandu Charles Ikpe
  1083. Dr. Marlene Cleut
  1084. Dr. Mateus Kambale Sahani
  1085. Dr. Olufolakemi Williams
  1086. Dr. Selome
  1087. Dr. Swati M Patki
  1088. Dr. V.O. Oboro
  1089. Drew Meigs
  1090. Dyanna
  1091. Eberechukwu
  1092. Eko Serge
  1093. Erica Vassilos
  1094. Erin Cauley
  1095. Esther Nieves
  1096. Frank Dias
  1097. Garra Saleh Jaremt
  1098. Gauree Thakuri
  1099. Ginger Kane
  1100. Gloria Dumler
  1101. Gordon Perkin
  1102. Gricelia Mkumba
  1103. Heesch
  1104. Helen Rehin
  1105. Honey Yosef
  1106. Irene Giniat
  1107. Iris Jonsdottir
  1108. Islam Mohamed
  1109. Ivana Trajanovska
  1110. P. Silva
  1111. Jacqueline Burstein
  1112. Janise Silva Moreno
  1113. Jennie Fergusson
  1114. Jennifer Adrian
  1115. Jessica Weinberger
  1116. Jim Pressman
  1117. Jo Anne
  1118. Joan Kuzmack
  1119. Joanne Copestick
  1120. Judi Catherwood
  1121. Judith Asher
  1122. Karen J.V.
  1123. Katherine Roland
  1124. Kim Brown
  1125. Kim Dickson
  1126. Kristine Riley
  1127. L. Camille Massey
  1128. Lanval J. Daly
  1129. Latifa Shamsuddin
  1130. Laura Fishler
  1131. Lauren Katzen
  1132. Lauren Murgia
  1133. Leah Goguen
  1134. Leslie Stroud-Romero
  1135. Lexi Barnett
  1136. Liliana Barron
  1137. Liliana Ranon
  1138. Lilli Ann D. Chua
  1139. Linda and Brice McKane
  1140. Lindsay McDermott
  1141. Lisa Bennett
  1142. Loice
  1143. Lori Litzenberg
  1144. Louis Anoff
  1145. Lyda Doyle
  1146. Lydia Alieno
  1147. M. D. Dianne Belcolag
  1148. Malcolm Steinberg
  1149. Malea Howpd
  1150. Margaret Matinga
  1151. Maria Angelita Del Gado Rosario
  1152. Maria Ronayne
  1153. Marilyn Warren
  1154. Marina Pecoraro
  1155. Marisa Da Cunha Sanches
  1156. Martiina Lavatsre
  1157. Mayra Isabel Nicola
  1158. Melanie Gibson
  1159. Melinda Renaud
  1160. Michelle Golembiewski
  1161. Michelle Rienzi
  1162. Miss Aoife O. Mahony
  1163. Mitzy Campbell
  1164. Moyra Stein
  1165. Mr. Lekam Bakare
  1166. Mrs. Ndukife Ofi
  1167. Ms. Ngozi Rose Okoro
  1168. Muna Padfield
  1169. Muna L. Mombo
  1170. Nancy Sober
  1171. Neha Patel
  1172. Patricia Harrell
  1173. Patricia Juric
  1174. Paul Ahiave
  1175. POKA Daniel
  1176. Precious Modiba
  1177. Princess Christie Rock
  1178. Rabia Lalkhen
  1179. Rajmohan Panda
  1180. Rakotomanga Hari-Manda
  1181. Ramses Perfecto
  1182. Renee Vassilos
  1183. Rob Pitman
  1184. Robbi Howlett
  1185. Robert D. Hilgers
  1186. Rosario Fernandez Salmeron
  1187. Rouillet Maria Felicitas
  1188. Ruben Israel
  1189. Ruth W. Njuguna
  1190. Sara Taylor
  1191. Shaena Jones
  1192. Shelly Makleff
  1193. Silvana
  1194. Silvana Lawvere
  1195. Stanculeanu Dana Lucia
  1196. Steph Barson
  1197. Stephanie Carlson
  1198. Sue-Lane Wood
  1199. Susan Keni
  1200. Sussie Amala Metu
  1201. Suzanne I. Knecht
  1202. Suzie Marchbanks
  1203. Sybil Kessler
  1204. Takouchop Yone Corine Y.
  1205. Tamara Arellano
  1206. Tammy Catherwood
  1207. Tanay Bukvic
  1208. Tanya Rosin
  1209. Terry Nzau
  1210. Tiffaney Styles
  1211. Valentina Oliveira
  1212. Valerie Farrington
  1213. Verna Vandepuye
  1214. Victoria Kay
  1215. Virna Di Palma
  1216. Wendy Day
  1217. Yeranuhi Hovhannisyan
  1218. Yohanna Loucheur
  1219. Zachary Gathuku
  1220. Zufan Lakew