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Cervical Cancer Prevention: Practical Experience from PATH

Practical experience seriesFrom 2006 to 2011, PATH conducted demonstration projects in four low- to middle-income countries—India, Peru, Uganda, and Vietnam—to provide evidence for decision-making about public-sector introduction of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines. The Cervical Cancer Prevention: Practical Experience Series summarizes lessons learned from these projects that can help guide future cervical cancer prevention program planning, especially in low-resource settings around the globe.

There are five units in the Practical Experience Series:

Strategic Planning and Situation Assessment for Cervical Cancer Prevention
This unit helps decision-makers and program planners focus on key “big picture” questions about cervical cancer prioritization and on opportunities and challenges for improved cancer prevention, including vaccination of girls and precancer screening and treatment of adult women.

Conducting Formative Research for HPV Vaccination Program Planning
This unit demonstrates that preliminary formative research is a necessary component of overall planning, discusses formative research issues specific to cervical cancer, and explains how research results may be used for strategic planning within the cervical cancer context.

Implementing HPV Vaccination Programs
This unit offers resources on general immunization topics, but the main focus is on practical issues relevant to HPV vaccination such as working in school settings and developing effective messaging about the vaccine.

Evaluating HPV Vaccination Pilots
This unit provides methods and tools for designing and conducting an evaluation of an HPV vaccination pilot or demonstration project and gives practical examples of using the results to refine an HPV vaccine delivery strategy for national scale-up.

Cervical cancer screening and treatment in low-resource settings
This unit examines the second component of a successful cervical cancer prevention program—screening and treatment of adult women for precancerous lesions.

PATH HPV Vaccination Project Lessons Learned

For further information, read the PATH HPV Vaccination Project Lessons Learned reports which summarize results from the HPV vaccination programs implemented through the PATH HPV Vaccines: Evidence for Impact project.